A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from Cherry Energy Solutions and Ovida can help your business save money

How it works

Cherry Energy Solutions, in partnership with Ovida, can create low cost solar electricity for your business right on your roof!

  • Cherry Energy Solutions install a solar system at your business property, and operate, own and maintain it over the contract period.
  • Your solar PPA is calculated based on how much solar electricity is generated and metered through a separate solar meter. No repayments - you only pay for the energy that you are generating.
  • The solar PPA bill and the now reduced grid electricity bill together are typically significantly lower than your previous bill!



Case Study

The Situation

  • A client in South Australia was interested in installing solar to combat 21c/kWh electricity charges but were short on capital after building a new warehouse.

The Solution

  • A Power Purchase Agreement was the best solution, with no upfront costs and a guaranteed, predictable energy rate of 12.5c/kWh.
  • Cherry Energy Solutions worked together with partners Energy Action and Ovida to provide a thorough consultation process.
  • A 99kW solar system was installed made up of QCELLS solar panels and Fronius inverters.

The Results

  • The client will save $7,000 in the first year on energy expenditure alone and over the next 15 years, will save more than $200,000.
  • 20% of their energy usage will be generated by the new solar system.
  • On top of the savings, the client will see additional demand charge savings and revenue from their feed-in tariff.


We install it, we own it, we maintain it. You get the savings.